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New Favourite Things – Asymmetry

Lately, I’ve been a part of a few FANTASTIC trades, and I’ve also bought some lovely items (it’s spring! I’ve got spring fever! I can’t help myself….).

first off, a fantastic pendant from Assymetry. It’s copper and sterling silver, and is embroidered (yes! embroidered!). The chain on this item is fantastic too- it sits in just the perfect spot. Since it’s all MINE (yes!), I’ve included another pendant- this fantastic Sterling SilverĀ  Fingerprint Necklace!

Her items have such an attention to detail, great craftsmanship and design, and are just all-around lovely! her packaging is super-pro too- it was such a joy to open (though I almost hated to ruin the lovely job- next time I will take a photo!)


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