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New Favourite Things: Nightjarbooks

Okay, so TECHNICALLY, Nightjarbooks isn’t a new favourite thing, I’ve been a huge fan of her work for a really long time! But her new work just blows me away. I recently went to a craft show she was attending, and purchased this beauty:

made with brown kraft paper covers, with kraft pages, and white woodgrain-embossed endpapers, this books is made even more amazing by the sweet tree print and the word “notes”…

Since you can’t have this one (mine mine mine!), here are some other gems from her current collection:

Birch Tree No. 2 is made from Kraft paper, features a hand-screened cozy (keeps it closed when you aren’t using it- trust me, they are amazing) and is made from the same kraft paper/white woodgrain endpaper combo as the one I snagged.

Antique Frame No.2 is for those of you who want a cozier feel; suggle up to this on a cool spring night! This one would make a perfect diary for any aspiring literary genius!


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New Favourite Things – Asymmetry

Lately, I’ve been a part of a few FANTASTIC trades, and I’ve also bought some lovely items (it’s spring! I’ve got spring fever! I can’t help myself….).

first off, a fantastic pendant from Assymetry. It’s copper and sterling silver, and is embroidered (yes! embroidered!). The chain on this item is fantastic too- it sits in just the perfect spot. Since it’s all MINE (yes!), I’ve included another pendant- this fantastic Sterling SilverĀ  Fingerprint Necklace!

Her items have such an attention to detail, great craftsmanship and design, and are just all-around lovely! her packaging is super-pro too- it was such a joy to open (though I almost hated to ruin the lovely job- next time I will take a photo!)

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