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I finally got back into the studio this week, and spent some time working on a new design: the Lorena purse. It’s based on a felt bag I made for myself, but this one is much larger, made of corduroy and felt, and has a fun belt detail.¬† It was really interesting to work in corduroy; it’s not something I ever really considered before, but I have a big stash of it!


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wooden it be nice?

Ah, faux bois- once a staple of kitsch, it’s now taking the indie craft world by storm; and being reimagined in a thousand ways. I don’t have room for a thousand fabulous woodgrain items, so here’s five of my favourites:

Warren no. 4 by Penandpaper. I own one of her pieces, and it is so lovely. Can’t you just hear the snick of tiny scissors?

please don’t ever go – print by ameliamae. Simple but visually stunning and sweet!

woodgrain merci card by bluesnailpapers. Say thanks in french with this fantastic card. I hope she releases this font as a downloadable set!

Boy With a Fox Mask by kikiandpolly. fox imagery and woodgrain; need I say more?

Hand Screen Printed Camera Zipper Pouch by laylah7. I love the screenprint on top of the woodgrain fabric; what a great way to make your design pop!

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Tuesday is for Twins

Today I bring you some goodies by a pair of incredibly talented twins I know- DotHandmade and ModisteMe! Both are doubly talented; Michele of DotHandmade does fabulous jewellery and also needlefelts amazing brooches, and Julie of ModisteMe makes adorable dolls and cute fabric art!

Dothandmade’s fabulous scratched earrings– these would go with any outfit!

She also needlefelts– how delicious and edible does this look! nom nom nom…

Plush Matryoshka Doll by ModisteMe – you know you want it. These girls are so cheek-pinchable, totally-huggable, just-darn-cute! The little tie around the neck just pushes it over the edge for me!

The art I mentioned– how adorable is this hedgie!!? If I could hug him I would….

So, twins… naturally twice as talented?

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This is so clever – the Multiple Occasion Card by annarubyking! Just find your occasion in the word search, circle the words or letters, and you are good to go! Sold in sets of five, and literally perfect for every occasion!

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New Favourite Things: Nightjarbooks

Okay, so TECHNICALLY, Nightjarbooks isn’t a new favourite thing, I’ve been a huge fan of her work for a really long time! But her new work just blows me away. I recently went to a craft show she was attending, and purchased this beauty:

made with brown kraft paper covers, with kraft pages, and white woodgrain-embossed endpapers, this books is made even more amazing by the sweet tree print and the word “notes”…

Since you can’t have this one (mine mine mine!), here are some other gems from her current collection:

Birch Tree No. 2 is made from Kraft paper, features a hand-screened cozy (keeps it closed when you aren’t using it- trust me, they are amazing) and is made from the same kraft paper/white woodgrain endpaper combo as the one I snagged.

Antique Frame No.2 is for those of you who want a cozier feel; suggle up to this on a cool spring night! This one would make a perfect diary for any aspiring literary genius!

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New Favourite Things – Asymmetry

Lately, I’ve been a part of a few FANTASTIC trades, and I’ve also bought some lovely items (it’s spring! I’ve got spring fever! I can’t help myself….).

first off, a fantastic pendant from Assymetry. It’s copper and sterling silver, and is embroidered (yes! embroidered!). The chain on this item is fantastic too- it sits in just the perfect spot. Since it’s all MINE (yes!), I’ve included another pendant- this fantastic Sterling Silver¬† Fingerprint Necklace!

Her items have such an attention to detail, great craftsmanship and design, and are just all-around lovely! her packaging is super-pro too- it was such a joy to open (though I almost hated to ruin the lovely job- next time I will take a photo!)

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Etsy, news, Trunkt and more!

Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks! After finding out that I would have to move out of my current studio shortly (our building has new owners, and they’re putting a hallway through my space), I ranaround like a crazed chicken trying to find a new space that I could afford, and fit everything into. I’ve signed a lease, and take possession of my new space tomorrow! Photos to come in the next few days…. so between packing up the old studio and moving to the new one, I’m going to be a busy howler monkey for the next few weeks.

In other news, I was accepted into Trunkt! You can check me out here!

And, perhaps most exciting of all, I had two treasuries on the frontpage of etsy recently! Two treasuries that I was the curator for…. very exciting. The screenshots are below… and please check out my current treasury, an ode to the Log Driver’s Waltz

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