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studio update!

I really ought to write in here more often, so my entries resemble blog posts and not Robert Jordan novels.

Studio Update! Okay, so I left off last time with the news that I was moving studios….. which has completely changed! I was having huge issues with the owners of the new space I had signed a lease on- they were uncommunicative, hard to get hold of, and I hadn’t been able to get my keys to move in. and when I did finally get ahold of them, problems upon problems with the space, and their incompetence. Seriously, these folks have no idea how to manage a building. Luckily, I was able to get out of my lease and get my deposit back, which left me at square one. Even more luckily, after talking with the new owners of my current building, they’ve changed their plans regarding the hallway- it’s still going in, but it’s only going to effect about a third of my space- and I have the option to stay where I am, or to move into another studio in the building! Maybe one with a sink! And, they’ve decided on a rate per square foot that is well within my budget. The hallway isn’t going in until mid-May, so I even have some breathing room now! Everything worked out amazingly in the end, but I wish it hadn’t been all so urgent and stressful at the start!


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