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Yee-Haw and stuff….

okay, I admit it- I totally love old-style honky tonk and country (for those who don’t believe me that it’s awesome, check out the Whoreshoes, June Carter Cash (and Johnny, natch), and of course, the most amazing country song ever written).  Still don’t believe me? Check out the following, and be converted:

Thank you belt buckle set by twoguitars (also check out their Howdy Gocco Art Card and Good Luck art card).

the bucking bunny gym tee by luckybunnywordwide…. do I really need to say anything about this? I think it speaks for itself!

Maw mug from lovesmenot – Puppies above, I love this mug. It’s so atomic, so kitschy, has s log-type font, and uses my favourite maternal indicator EVER.

ALGrumpy brings us the double barrel hook. I own two of these, and they are amazing, awesome, awesomely amazing. And it’s not just me, even my stylish, hipster, way-cooler-than-me friends dig them.

okay, another vintage coffee mug (remember yesterday, when I said I was obsessed? Not hardly kidding!). This one is from JourneyandLandscape. It’s so cute!

and finally, for those who like to fiddle, the perfect honky-tonk answer: the Spur RIng by blindspotjewellery. You could probably use it to get people moving in cogested hallways too! (JUST KIDDING. SERIOUSLY).


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