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Brain Food

I just picked up the most importantwork of fiction in the english language, ever. Hands down, the most important.

First, you’ll need to read these:

then, you can read the most important book ever:

Yes, that’s right, it’s a choose-your-own-adverture, based on the works of Jane Austen! AMAZING! So far, I’ve managed to be beaten by gypsys, gotten shot by Lady Catherine De Bourgh, been utterly decieved by Wickham (to my ruin), eschewed men and become a writer, and oh, yes, married Mr. Darcy! aw yeah! And there are many more adventures for me to have…..

and when you’re done all that reading, you can relax in this:

Jane is my homegirl shirt by Amiable Creature, via CafePress. Yum!

ps- sorry to those gentle, kind, but ultimately deluded readers who dislike, or have never read, Jane Austen. Seriously, what are you thinking? We need to talk…


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