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Tuesday is for Twins

Today I bring you some goodies by a pair of incredibly talented twins I know- DotHandmade and ModisteMe! Both are doubly talented; Michele of DotHandmade does fabulous jewellery and also needlefelts amazing brooches, and Julie of ModisteMe makes adorable dolls and cute fabric art!

Dothandmade’s fabulous scratched earrings– these would go with any outfit!

She also needlefelts– how delicious and edible does this look! nom nom nom…

Plush Matryoshka Doll by ModisteMe – you know you want it. These girls are so cheek-pinchable, totally-huggable, just-darn-cute! The little tie around the neck just pushes it over the edge for me!

The art I mentioned– how adorable is this hedgie!!? If I could hug him I would….

So, twins… naturally twice as talented?


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