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wooden it be nice?

Ah, faux bois- once a staple of kitsch, it’s now taking the indie craft world by storm; and being reimagined in a thousand ways. I don’t have room for a thousand fabulous woodgrain items, so here’s five of my favourites:

Warren no. 4 by Penandpaper. I own one of her pieces, and it is so lovely. Can’t you just hear the snick of tiny scissors?

please don’t ever go – print by ameliamae. Simple but visually stunning and sweet!

woodgrain merci card by bluesnailpapers. Say thanks in french with this fantastic card. I hope she releases this font as a downloadable set!

Boy With a Fox Mask by kikiandpolly. fox imagery and woodgrain; need I say more?

Hand Screen Printed Camera Zipper Pouch by laylah7. I love the screenprint on top of the woodgrain fabric; what a great way to make your design pop!


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