wooden it be nice?

Ah, faux bois- once a staple of kitsch, it’s now taking the indie craft world by storm; and being reimagined in a thousand ways. I don’t have room for a thousand fabulous woodgrain items, so here’s five of my favourites:

Warren no. 4 by Penandpaper. I own one of her pieces, and it is so lovely. Can’t you just hear the snick of tiny scissors?

please don’t ever go – print by ameliamae. Simple but visually stunning and sweet!

woodgrain merci card by bluesnailpapers. Say thanks in french with this fantastic card. I hope she releases this font as a downloadable set!

Boy With a Fox Mask by kikiandpolly. fox imagery and woodgrain; need I say more?

Hand Screen Printed Camera Zipper Pouch by laylah7. I love the screenprint on top of the woodgrain fabric; what a great way to make your design pop!


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Tuesday is for Twins

Today I bring you some goodies by a pair of incredibly talented twins I know- DotHandmade and ModisteMe! Both are doubly talented; Michele of DotHandmade does fabulous jewellery and also needlefelts amazing brooches, and Julie of ModisteMe makes adorable dolls and cute fabric art!

Dothandmade’s fabulous scratched earrings– these would go with any outfit!

She also needlefelts– how delicious and edible does this look! nom nom nom…

Plush Matryoshka Doll by ModisteMe – you know you want it. These girls are so cheek-pinchable, totally-huggable, just-darn-cute! The little tie around the neck just pushes it over the edge for me!

The art I mentioned– how adorable is this hedgie!!? If I could hug him I would….

So, twins… naturally twice as talented?

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Spring Wardrobe

OKay, so you might not trust me after that honkey-tonk post, but you’re seriously going to want these for spring:

a shirtwaist dress (this one from Delenavintage)-  in a sky blue, grass green, plaid, or mustard. Wear it with:

a funky, yellow bangle. This one is made by SehnsuchtTilly (and is clearly amazingly awesome).

Our next wardrobe must-have is:

A funky mini. This one is the Prim Dress by Shaybelle, and can be worn as eithera mini or a shirt, and has amazing details like a front & back yoke, ties at the back, and pleats (pleats = very awesome).  Wear it with:

An AMAZING pair of vintage boots. Don’t buy these from santokivintage, I’m saving up for them.

Next up we have:

A kimono-style wrap (this one by MeandD). Get it in a warm, faded colour (rusty orange or mustardy yellow) and wear it over:

a gauzy dress. I vote vintage! This lovely dress from nicolasvintage. Very boho, and perfect for hot days!

And for cooler spring nights, going to the movies on a rainy day, or studying in the shade:

an amazing checked hoodie (green and blue patterned horse hoodie by Toast). Wear it with:

high-waisted jeans.  trust me, they are surpringly comfortable and flattering. Vintage 1970s wide leg jeans from ramonawest.

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Sunday Sampler

Hope you’re all enjoying some fine spring weather this Sunday (check back tomorrow for some must-have spring wardrobe ideas). Here’s a couple of random items I’ve been loving this week:

Heartbreak 8 x 10 print by LaurenMinco

Elephanso by elsiemarley

Take-out by lorenabarrezueta

Block Printed Tape by Jezze

Have an awesome rest of the weekend, all!

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Brain Food

I just picked up the most importantwork of fiction in the english language, ever. Hands down, the most important.

First, you’ll need to read these:

then, you can read the most important book ever:

Yes, that’s right, it’s a choose-your-own-adverture, based on the works of Jane Austen! AMAZING! So far, I’ve managed to be beaten by gypsys, gotten shot by Lady Catherine De Bourgh, been utterly decieved by Wickham (to my ruin), eschewed men and become a writer, and oh, yes, married Mr. Darcy! aw yeah! And there are many more adventures for me to have…..

and when you’re done all that reading, you can relax in this:

Jane is my homegirl shirt by Amiable Creature, via CafePress. Yum!

ps- sorry to those gentle, kind, but ultimately deluded readers who dislike, or have never read, Jane Austen. Seriously, what are you thinking? We need to talk…

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Yee-Haw and stuff….

okay, I admit it- I totally love old-style honky tonk and country (for those who don’t believe me that it’s awesome, check out the Whoreshoes, June Carter Cash (and Johnny, natch), and of course, the most amazing country song ever written).  Still don’t believe me? Check out the following, and be converted:

Thank you belt buckle set by twoguitars (also check out their Howdy Gocco Art Card and Good Luck art card).

the bucking bunny gym tee by luckybunnywordwide…. do I really need to say anything about this? I think it speaks for itself!

Maw mug from lovesmenot – Puppies above, I love this mug. It’s so atomic, so kitschy, has s log-type font, and uses my favourite maternal indicator EVER.

ALGrumpy brings us the double barrel hook. I own two of these, and they are amazing, awesome, awesomely amazing. And it’s not just me, even my stylish, hipster, way-cooler-than-me friends dig them.

okay, another vintage coffee mug (remember yesterday, when I said I was obsessed? Not hardly kidding!). This one is from JourneyandLandscape. It’s so cute!

and finally, for those who like to fiddle, the perfect honky-tonk answer: the Spur RIng by blindspotjewellery. You could probably use it to get people moving in cogested hallways too! (JUST KIDDING. SERIOUSLY).

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New Obsession: vintage coffee mugs

Anyone who knows me, knows I love vintage.  And patterns. And coffee. Vintage coffee mugs combine all of these loves into one, amazing, alluring, delicious package. So behold, my newest obsession, vintage coffee mugs:

From porchlightvintage we have vivid, just like you. The pattern on this one is so sweet… I just love the colours in it (and porchlightvintage wins best name for a coffee mug EVER).

lorenzstudio presents us with Vivid Mug or Teacup – Green Design. I have almost bought this so many times. Look at it! that green, those lines…. damn, maybe I beter snatch it up.

Check out Mod Flower MILK GLASS mug from nijoli.  It would make a perfect pair with our first mug….

Retro mug from stephy4030 is sweet too- the orange/brown/pink combo and the heart-shaped handle would look lovely with rich milky coffee in it…

and because I couldn’t bear to do an entry without something handmade, Mugs in Gooseberry by Skinnylaminx. She drew all of her vintage mugs and put them together in one delightful package- this fabulous tea towel. I have serious mug envy!

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