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May 1, 2008 at 6:07 am Leave a comment

I’m slowly decorating our place, mixing in some new, some vintage, trying to make awesome in the process. We just bought a fantastic new blue dresser for the bedroom, which I’m doing in a blue/red/yellow/white combo. I’ve bought and hung some art (and NO, I did not pick these just to match. I loves them. I put them in the bedroom because they go together well. So don’t e-mail me saying “you’re art shouldn’t match your couch. I’m matching my room to my art, so ppptttbbbffth):

Labpartners brings us Nautical portraits (which seems to be sold out, sorry. but their other work is fab too!)

PantryPressInc presents us with the City of Infinite Pleasure Poster

Squirrel Print by BerkleyIllustration

(I also have a fabulous Meg Hunt silkscreen up, but I can’t find it anywhere online)

And now, on to what I WANT to buy for our bedroom:

Urban Warmth by shelece. yum!

zoology and fluid dynamics by foliohello. I love this so much.. the colour, the material… everything.

Love Machine Lap Quilt by IkdDesigns

Felted Bowl in Red with Skeleton key by Gretchenscreations

Poppy Treasure Box by rodica


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