New Obsession – Pink Ladies

April 24, 2008 at 6:23 am Leave a comment

Pink! Did you know that our current association of pink with girls only dates to the 1940s? Previous to that, it was considered a boyish or manly colour, while blue was considered feminine.

Regardless, I’m loving these pink ladies I found on etsy:

The Sad Lady Cameo Pendant by Champignons is so sweet and delicate, wouldn’t you love to wear her all day? Why is she so sad? Perhaps she’s been crossed in love, or just stubbed a toe?

Bikini Lady by Peepwool – I love her belly and her teeny red bikini! I suspect she has fair skin like mine though- I hope she’s put on lots of sunblock, or she’ll match that bathing suit.

Four Little Ladies by laurageorge – These ladies would make fabulous, sassy friends for you wall. I love their coordinated dresses!

Amy fancy lady vintage lace onesie by louandlee – Holy puppies above! When I first found this onesie I couldn’t stop staring, and desperately wishing I knew a tiny baby to dress in this.

Black Pearl 2 by rustbeltfiberwerks has captured my heart.  She just looks so knowing- like she’s totally got you sussed out and can handle anything. Love it!


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