So, via Mini Book Expo, I received a copy of Graceling, a stunningly fantastic novel by Kristin Cashore. It’s a rich teen fantasy, taking place in a world where a few people are born with extraordinary gifts and skills, called a Grace. One such graceling, Kasta, has a remarkable ability to kill. When the book opens, she is working for her Uncle Randa, dealing out punishments, torturing and killing. The story that follows is, essentially, a coming-of-age story as Kasta struggles to right the wrongs she’s committed, and to champion for good. Throughout her struggles, she finds strength in her friends, and ultimately herself.

What did I love about this book? Pretty much everything. It’s a fantastic tale involving a strong female protagonist. Kasta is fabulous. She’s not led, she leads. She struggles with her power, and frees herself from the oppressive patriarchal rule of her Uncle Randa. Did I just give too much away?

Kasta’s strength and grace are really an allegory, and outward manifestation of the strength of mind she posses. The decisions in the book are all hers, and damn, but she gets things done. I love it, and you’ll love it too.

Also, being a bit of a graphic design lover, I have to mention the cover. It’s stunning, rich, and simply lovely. And, unlike many covers that suck me in, this one actually fits the story woven between the covers.

Available in October, from Harcourt!


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It’s been too long!

Friends, it’s been forever! I’m so sorry, I’ve been busy posting over at Robot a Day! And I also just discovered Mini Book expo, and I’ve been reading, reading, reading. Soon I’ll be posting some thoughts on what I’ve been so eagerly reading…..

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My Future’s So Bright…

I gotta wear shades!

Groovy 50’s Vintage Women’s Sunglasses from treasuredvintage

embroidered eyeglass case by goodkarma

Vintage 50’s Starlet Italian Cat Eyes Glasses from putonthatdress

Sunnies Holder by thislittlebird

OUTRAGEOUS 70’s Oversized Sunglasses from northstarvintage

Juicy Fruits Sunglass Case by ideologika

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Saturday Vintage Fix (Vera Version)

Need a sassy punch of colour? Need to cover up a bad hair day (or, if you’re me, a didn’t-bother-to-wash-my-hair-day). Vintage scarves are always the answer:

Vera Scarf from RetroWear

Another Vera Scarf, this time from theluckyfish

oh! Vera! from RetroWear

Verily Vera from Retrowear

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Tote that bag!

Are you still bagging your groceries in plastic? These babies are better for the earth, and are stylish too:

Printed Mustlin Tote by Sian – this print is so amazing, and available in blue, too!

Rabbit Jumbo Grocery Tote by DeadWorry. Gosh this thing is giant! Perfect for Farmer’s market trips….

Ready for Market by kootsac – this tote even comes with reusable produce bags… genius!

LUMBER(HI)JACK TOTE BAG by Skeletonroyal. *AMAZING* need I say anymore?

Posted from Pittsburgh Pure Lunacy Tote by PghTravelAgency. I love the dense, heavy print on this tote. yay font as design!

and for those who love recycled bags, here’s Doppio Petite 4 by diengiedesigns. I love the delicate flower edging contrasting with the rough weave of the coffe sack. heart!

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dreaming of decorating…

I’m slowly decorating our place, mixing in some new, some vintage, trying to make awesome in the process. We just bought a fantastic new blue dresser for the bedroom, which I’m doing in a blue/red/yellow/white combo. I’ve bought and hung some art (and NO, I did not pick these just to match. I loves them. I put them in the bedroom because they go together well. So don’t e-mail me saying “you’re art shouldn’t match your couch. I’m matching my room to my art, so ppptttbbbffth):

Labpartners brings us Nautical portraits (which seems to be sold out, sorry. but their other work is fab too!)

PantryPressInc presents us with the City of Infinite Pleasure Poster

Squirrel Print by BerkleyIllustration

(I also have a fabulous Meg Hunt silkscreen up, but I can’t find it anywhere online)

And now, on to what I WANT to buy for our bedroom:

Urban Warmth by shelece. yum!

zoology and fluid dynamics by foliohello. I love this so much.. the colour, the material… everything.

Love Machine Lap Quilt by IkdDesigns

Felted Bowl in Red with Skeleton key by Gretchenscreations

Poppy Treasure Box by rodica

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I finally got back into the studio this week, and spent some time working on a new design: the Lorena purse. It’s based on a felt bag I made for myself, but this one is much larger, made of corduroy and felt, and has a fun belt detail.  It was really interesting to work in corduroy; it’s not something I ever really considered before, but I have a big stash of it!

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